Biden/Harris for 2020 Democratic Nomination 


I plan to vote for the [Democratic] nominee for president. I also believe it’s imperative to look at the record of the candidates. In my last post, I went through Kamala Harris’s career. In this post, I want to go through Joe Biden’s record briefly.

As most of us know, Joe Biden is of Middle America, and he represents a large portion of blue-collar workers who voted for Donald Trump in 2016. Biden speaks directly to their needs; he speaks their language; he reaches the core of their concerns. Joe Biden strongly supports unions and workers’ rights which is the backbone blue-collar workers commonly known as whites without college degrees. Not that they are uneducated because most have technical skills.

In the past presidential election, these white working-class voters voted for Donald Trump because they believed Hillary Clinton represented the elite. Even though Hillary Clinton had clear policies, which would directly impact the lives of these white working-class voters, people trusted the negative media coverage over truth. And now, most of these voters realized Trump fed into their dreams, but he didn’t mean it.

The tax cut said to benefit the working class did the opposite. The same voters who hoped Donald Trump would bring their jobs back (which are not coming back) saw their taxes go up and their deductions erased. At a rally in the Midwest, Joe Biden artfully destroyed Trump’s positive spin on the tax cut. A televised rally, (which Fox News also carried) Joe Biden asked the crowd how many of them enjoyed Trump’s tax cut — most if not all said they did not benefit from Trump’s tax scam.

In the blue States, taxes dramatically increased, and that wasn’t by accident — Blue States fund Red State social programs. So as Republicans and conservatives go around the country talking of personal responsibility yet burden the Blue States. Have you ever wondered why red states are the most impoverished and have the highest birth rate? The Red States refused to implement expanded Medicaid, funded through the Affordable Care Act, which would dramatically help its citizens. This lack of consideration for the people these politicians represent should disgust even hardcore conservatives. When red States promote abstinence-only education empty funds or under find Healthcare, the result is unwanted pregnancies, poverty, increased domestic violence which goes hand-in-hand with poverty and the Vicious Cycle no education and no employment the children out of wedlock.

Joe Biden has consistently fought for quality, affordable health care and the Affordable Care Act was a big step in improving a broken Healthcare System. The ACA is the first step — we’re nowhere near done — the ACA is more popular than ever.

Before Joe Biden entered the presidential race, Bernie Sanders held the title of “front runner.” Now that Biden has entered the presidential race, some Bernie Sanders’ supporters began waging an all-out assault on Biden’s previous voting record. The far-left sees Joe Biden as a threat to a Bernie Sanders nomination; it’s clear: Biden represents the most significant threat to installing Bernie Sanders in the White House.

The far-left avoids policy discussions with personal attacks and twenty-five-year-old comments. Some people change for the better as did Biden.