Faking Life (Published at The Writers Club)

(Published at The Writers Club)

Hannah is fake to death,
even faked her fucking death
just to see her parent’s reaction;
had a funeral service,
and the works,
watching her folks sob
from a distance.
With no dead body,
there wasn’t a crime.
Heartbroken, her mother edged
to live on life’s edge,
cheating with her husband’s
best friend.
Hannah snuck into the man’s
home after dark and sprinkled crushed
sedatives into his water and slid under his
couch until he went to bed.
She slipped out of the sliding glass
door only to hear a report of a man
overdosing on sleeping pills.
Hannah cracked a devious grin.
This joke turned into more than viewing
life from the passenger seat.
But when her lies caught up to her lips,
the stars in her diamonds aligned.
Hannah made love to me in my catnaps,
but the sultry nights weren’t dreams at all.
Mom barged in, flipping on the light.
I wish I had faked my own death!

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(© 2023 AC.)

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