We’re Never Over (Ever)

The distance to figure life out
transcends my frailties,
surfacing insecurity above
the ripples of a tide rushing
over dense rocks on an icy lake.
It’s as though California
chased my memories back
to Carolina.
I crack a grin,
seeing her suntan by the pool;
her sun-kissed skin burns a crush within me
with a sense of heat that I can’t
bear to touch with my bare hand.
The sunset dies behind the last red eye
as we agree, forever is our last
left turn to be, never parting,
unlike we did last month.
So long as breakups, like a forest fire,
remain a reflection behind us,
the future doesn’t look so bleak.

Twitter – @AC0040

(© 2023 AC)

(My new poetry collection: Screaming At Anxiety)

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