Better Than Said

Taken aback,
that’s what I was
when I saw Hannah pushing
a cart through a grocer.
It’d been ten years,
maybe even more
since we’d last crossed paths.
She decided life had more to offer than I did.
The choice wasn’t even close.
I almost slipped from a rope,
tied to a maple tree,
as her taillights left me blinded
as dust stung with my tears.
My facade crumbled
beneath what I had left of me.
But seeing Hannah now,
I am thankful she skipped town to grow
into the person that she wanted for me.
Hannah’s eyes had an ambiance of sadness
before they met mine.
She left her cart in its place and approached me
over voices echoing for her to move the buggy.
“Ben?” Hannah said, almost surprised that I’d held myself together.
“In the flesh.” I shrugged.
“How’ve you been?” Hannah attempted to smile, but her eyes reddened, threatening to spill tears.
“Never been better.” I grinned.
“You look…” Hannah paused and gave me a once-over.
“Better than ever.”
“Maybe we could be better?”
“We’d better,” I said.
“Listen…” Hannah paused, looking down and away. “About me leaving,” Hannah said. “I had to.”
“It appears you returned for the better.”

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(© 2023 AC)

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