The Pastor’s Wife

Anna’s truck kicked up dust
and her taillights faded
as condensed dirt and rocks combined
with vexation.
But it only stung when I believed,
or breathed us into the future
that I’d arranged throughout
the last five years.
Our dreams cracked when I caught wind of Anna
and him, another guy
that we both knew from church.
Anna’s new fling pastored the church
in which we planned to wed.
Life hadn’t been kind to me, or I hadn’t taken the stripes
with bruises like the man that God made of me.
I lost my thoughts over Bible verses
and snickered at the easing of the pain’s weight.
The nightmares drew blood through sticks and stones
lodged in my bones as she pushed hurtful words through the phone.
God showed me our kids growing up in a home we’d purchased last year.
But the children with Anna were off the table.
Now I’m in a home with a woman who loves me to her last bone: the pastor’s ex-wife.
God’s sense of humor healed me.

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