The Choice Is Yours

A boy from the deprived side of the tracks mesmerized Holly’s heart. Her high-class parents despised the boy. Holly’s mother gave her an ultimatum: Choose between her family and the boy.
She tapped her chin and decided on the boy.
The two fled town.
After many years, Holly graduated college and became a therapist.
The boy got his GED, went to mechanic school, and opened a business.
The couple rested on the porch of their lakeside
Dust, engine humming, and headlights approaching startled the evening and shot the couple upright.
It was her parents begging for forgiveness.
Holly gave her mother an ultimatum: Choose between her family and head back to Carolina.
Holly’s mother blinked back tears,
making them fall faster.
“You are your mother’s daughter,” she said.

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(© 2023 AC)

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