We Deserve Each Other

I stood before a looming tidal wave
on the precipice of a catastrophe,
contemplating what it’d be like
to drown my missteps, washing them away,
before I told the truth for once in my life.
I’d gone a lifetime without
taking myself (and us) seriously.
An understatement pulled me back to the edge
of sanity, forgiving myself for everything
that I hated about my flaws.
I studied the shattered glass that distorted
my motives for honesty, but honestly,
I wasted my luck, tossing
dollars at a therapist for change,
but the return on investment twisted me into knots.
I juggled priorities until I gave Alicia my attention span.
She fixed her gaze on me and licked her hungry lips
as though I was the missing candy to place on her coffee table
I assumed God had better things to do than to hear my sobs
but being wrong was nothing new to me.
And now, nothing could be further from the lie that I don’t deserve her.
Alicia hid her insecurities behind a facade, believing she didn’t deserve me either.
God made us for each other.

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(© 2023 AC)

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3 thoughts on “We Deserve Each Other

  1. This is so incredible, omg!! I probably just read this over about 8 times. The message is great, the great reveal at the end is stunning (I had to freeze and figure out how you got there). You speak of a very true type of romantic experience. It is true because it is so complex and cannot fit into a box of a simple he stopped loving me, heartbreak blah blah love poem. This is good. I’m looking forward to reading more!


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