Come Home (Again)


I had both feet in the doorway before agony unveiled itself
in never wanting Sara home
because she slipped into another man’s bedsheets.
I begged for relief,
wishing I was anywhere else away from Sara’s chilled stare
that singes my self-respect,
delving into my terror with a yearning for uneasiness.
Sara grasps the solutions to the inquiries I never uttered.
I’m a mere reflection of myself.
Sara’s complicated.
I was oblivious to her true nature.
I was aloof, disintegrating at the seams.
I sought answers to questions we hadn’t even asked,
but the truth hid in the discordant depths of Sara’s eyes
and the pursed lips that betrayed an underlying passion.
She solved a problem I never even knew existed.
I was better off alone with her bawling outside my window.
She chose the worst of both worlds.
I grinned and listened until I felt she had had enough.
I let her in again.
I always let her come back home.

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(© 2023 AC.)

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