My Heart Is Hannah’s Home

Damn it all to hell!
I left my hometown in a nightmare,
breaking down over a crush along the way.
The check engine light flashed
like bloodshot eyes, reminding me
that Hannah dating me was a terrible idea.
I was a disaster in her night terror.
A presence breathing down my throat
shot me upright out of a light sleep in my parked car.
Hannah slipped through the unlocked passenger door
and swept through my thoughts, resting in my passion.
She pushed the seat back and mounted me.
We stripped and shook during sweaty sex.
Our fear of distance chased its tail,
retracing blissful exhilaration,
dampening the leather seats
and maybe, baby, we can rise
above the setbacks we had over spring break;
our gaze might meet eye to eye.
I can’t pretend the world didn’t
stop cold at dawn before we both
knew this romance would last forever.
“About the car.” Hannah held up a spark plug.
“I sabotaged your trip to Seattle.” She nudged me, and we laughed until we couldn’t.

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(© 2023 AC)

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