Unlocked Engagement (Published At The Writers Club)

(Published at The Writers Club)


One more May fell upon
an evening of us separated
in the convenience of competing narratives.
I arrived after dark again
but for a good reason.
Hannah thrashed her fists
and locked the door, shouting
obscenities like a drunken sailor.
A lit candle on the kitchen table danced,
burning the wax to a puddle beneath its wick.
I paused to fill my insatiable appetite for her presence.
Hannah’s naked body moved
through the blinds as shadows
pondered their direction.
I juggled my schedule and picked up
a ring that a jeweler
explained went well for an
She unlocked the door,
motioning me inside.
The question of how to ask
escaped the concept,
so I asked it plainly,
as though I meant it,
as though I’d always meant it.
She screamed it,
and I knew she meant it.

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(© 2023 AC)

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