The Future Mirrors Reflection

I stood before a bathroom mirror
and eviscerated everything she saw
in the person who’s become of me.
Pleasure had distorted me beyond measure,
taken aback by silk screens
and daring dreams when her eyes
sparkled in a drunken stooper.
The smile that she tattooed on my face
was soon to go nowhere in the future.
I was deathly scared of breaking up
but pleasantly surprised with years
growing up in a home that we shared,
resting on a bed after sweaty sex,
our dreams unfolded to the tune
of an unwritten romance novel.
I reflected on the unfairness of this life,
but not even the cracked mirror
returned a reflection void of meaning.
It’s unfair that only I get
to experience what I see in her.

Twitter – @AC0040

(© 2023 AC)

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