Growth In Expression

Expressionless, I stood
with my arms dangling by my sides.
Amy’s taillights softened and then vanished
through the rubble and dust that her wheels
kicked up.
Without me, I thought she’d never be.
I didn’t beg her to stay.
She wanted to, so I set her dreams
(and her) free.
On this bed, I sleep alone,
staring at the ceiling and conversing with God.
I parsed through the white noise.
The vacant gaze of failure collided with blunders.
The affliction of solitude was oppressive
until Amy crashed into my life three years later.
I talked to God on my knees, and she slipped through the door and spilled her heart.
“It would have killed me to stay,” Amy said, brushing tears with her finger.
“It killed me when you left.”
“I’m never leaving you again.” Amy closed the distance between us and snuggled close to my neck. “I checked your Facebook, so I know you’re single.” Amy winked.
We kissed as though it were our first date, and a mosaic portrait of emotions washed across each other’s faces, none of which were expressionless.

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(© 2023 AC)

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