Serving Love For Life

We both knew
before we laid
eyes on each other
that this bad idea
would find its way
to brighten our day.
That night we laughed over shots
at a dingy dive bar.
Our names—we didn’t exchange.
But I could pick her deep
blue eyes out of a lineup
of a hundred women,
and if she hadn’t stolen my car keys
for a joy ride,
coupled with my addiction to cheap thrills,
I’d have never known the thief
of hearts, that is Hannah.
I yearned for my heart alone;
fuck the car; I was going to sell it anyway.
I sent a tip to the feeling police.
In court, she begged for forgiveness
as prosecutors offered a plea deal.
I lied and said it was a misunderstanding,
but she should get life for kidnapping my heart.
“No one had ever done anything that nice,” she said. She said she’d make a living out of returning the favor.

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(© 2023 AC)

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