Envious Romance

I returned from work to
embrace everything I wanted.
But I discovered a bra
on the living room floor.
Beneath to see the skin were the eyes
of a man I didn’t know.
I pulled myself up,
but I can’t stand the logic.
Being here in a dark room
with my thoughts juggling
Why she took another man’s hand
while I handed her what she said
she wanted.
I was the greener grass,
but he had maple trees
with a mansion and property
that stretched to a fence
that circled her comfort.
I had fields of empathy
and an apartment for two.
He took her to fancy dinners.
We’d laugh over fucking up
her mother’s recipes and wine.
He had a new Jeep.
I struggled through college,
driving an F-150 that had
seen several trips with us
to a campsite with little
sleep through the long night;
in the distance, a creek rushed
across dense rocks.
He had a pool and a Jacuzzi.
She’d surprise me, soaking in
a bubble bath for us to enjoy.
But when she spilled her guts in my arms,
I had everything he wanted.

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(© 2023 AC)

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