Back To Love

I’d have drifted to sleep
but my eyelids peeled
the nostalgia I’d cast away
into a bin of oblivion.

Somewhere along the way,
we forgot who we were.
A warm love turned into
a frozen lake of normality.
The spark fled as time
faded by the time we met.

But I held captive a night
in Carolina encrypted in real-time
with the white noise that she made
between sheets with a ghost
that she saw before her.

I’m never there,
but she’s always here;
will be, probably, until I come
to a bitter end,
ashes scattered over evergreen trees.
She’s in the same abode.
but talking has become
a foreign concept.

She groaned and sprang upright
in bed and nudged me awake.
Our eyes met, and even in the dark,
the stars aligned.
We embraced as though no time
had passed.
She saw through my faults,
which escorted her to our affection.

Now her hands trail my body
as she relives the nights
of making up for the time lost.
Past mistakes turn into wise regrets.
Once again, us again, we’re in love again.

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(© 2023 AC)

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