Happy Perspective

Ana, my high school neighbor,
reminded me of her mother.
From the way her clothes hit
the floor in the window,
my heart pounded against my ribs.
Ana’s mother told her to be careful
with our relationship.
Her father said I was rough around
the edges.
He encouraged her to search for another.
But that was then,
back when passion ran our dreams
and hours stood still,
but the minutes circled the clock
before I slipped out the back door
when her parents arrived from their date night.
Mom asked why I reeked of perfume,
and sweat.
She asked why my eyes were wide,
but my heart wasn’t home.
I told her, “What perfume?”
Mom said she wasn’t born yesterday.
But that was back then,
back when love notes revealed unexpressed feelings.
And now texts substitute letters
as we spill our hearts, send kisses, and the rest.
Our daughter told us she was seeing a boy.
Ana told her to be careful.
I told her the boy was a rather rough
around the edges.
But I didn’t tell her to find another;
I’m the same man Ana’s father hated,
and from here, I can see my daughter happy.

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(© 2023 AC)

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