Happiness In Forgiveness

I lost touch with Hannah
because I shoved her,
and she lost her footing over
my slick sadness
before she had the chance
to stay and make me happy.
It’s not like I’ve experienced
what people send chills
through cheap thrills
when describing the emotion.

I gave up too much.
I talked to circles
in the mirror,
arguing with violence
over the despair
floating through my
lips of misery.

I shot upright as I heard
Hannah call my name.
I raced down the stairs,
and opened the door.
There she stood,
chin down as she hugged
herself in the downpour.

I surveyed her diamond eyes,
streaming tears of forgiveness.
But forgiveness was the last thing
that I deserved.
Even so, I accepted it.

For the first time, happiness washed fear across
my heart and a grin tugged at the corner
of my mouth. My eyes danced in applause
over her back in my arms as happiness
took its place, rooted in our kiss.

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(© 2023 AC)

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