Belated Birthday

A rattling at the gate
shot me upright in my bed,
shifting my blurry gaze from
side to side.
My spine chilled when Hannah’s
figure crossed outside the window.
I’m in for violence from a hopeless romantic.
The grave called my name
before the day’s rays replaced
the evening shadows.
The glass shattered from the sliding glass door.
She stomps up the stares, staring me down
with an upraised bottle of wine.
“Sorry about missing your birthday,” Hannah said.
I let out a breath, releasing the tension from my chest.
“Why’d you break the door?”
“The new door arrives today.” Hannah smiled.
“Wanna know what I’m wearing under the coat?”
I puckered my forehead. “Nothing?”
Hannah set the wine bottle on the bed and unbuttoned her long coat.
“Forgive me?” Hannah pursed her lips like a child begging for forgiveness.
“Let’s just pretend my birthday is today, and you’re my birthday cake.”
Hannah bit her bottom lip and gave me a seductive wink. “I hope you’re hungry, love.”

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