Text Creek Love

My wrists jittered as my fingers
danced over keys on the board,
composing a series of text messages,
most of which will go without saying,
saying a goddamn word; the words jumped
off her screen, entering her narrow eyes.
The bashfulness leaked through the stillness
of her grinning from ear to ear,
asking to meet her by the creek
after the sun loses its fight with thick shadows
that fade the day’s rays.
I waited until evening fell on deaf ears.
I rehearsed what to say.
I rehashed the failed dates over lines
that concealed themselves over deception.
Instead of being someone else, for once,
I’ll reconnect with the echo of my former self;
the one you wanted of me;
the me standing before you;
the me in love with you;
the me who wants to marry you.

(To anyone who likes this post, thank you so much. You’re my hero.)

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(© 2023 AC)

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