Alive To Live

Physicians told me I was alive.
But mortality’s gaze strives to strangle
my devious ambitions.
My pride fell apart late last fall
when Alisha ended it all.
Her mother told me she was (and told me
to drop) dead as fuck.
As the pastor lectured me about honesty,
vodka stained his words.
I died inside taking life too seriously,
dropped the hope of her being the one,
and lost sight of who I was.
I had my suitcases packed,
poised to depart.
All when I got a weird call.
I dug in my pocket for my phone.
Alive from the dead, Alisha turned heads
through unwavering commitments,
no one would dare to touch. Alisha stared into
I gripped her hand.
Alisha’s gaze softened,
and tears spread across her cheeks.
I realized her mother lied.
Only God has risen the dead,
so Alisha must be an angel.
I should live life as though I’m alive.

Twitter – @AC0040

(© 2023 AC)

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