Screaming At Anxiety

It’s there. It’s subtle. But it remains ever-present. Close your red eyes and place your palms over your ears. The voices in your head paid the rent I collected on the first kiss we pressed against each other’s lips before hitting the lights. It traveled the length of your spine before I arrived home. It’s down the road—somewhere we drove while talking about everything and nothing. It’s in the way we say each other’s names. It’s in the way we exchange doubt for hope, hoping it’s real this time. That thing we can’t quite put our finger on—it’s the feeling of connection between us, the feeling of being understood, the feeling of being heard, the feeling of being seen, and the feeling of being valued. It’s also the anticipation of something greater, the excitement of something new, and the comfort of something familiar. It’s the feeling of possibility and potential, growth and progress, understanding and peace. Now open your eyes and tell me, do you see me?

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