Cold Feet Warmed

(Published at The Writers Club)

A gust rattled the shudders
through the corridor,
startling me after a night
of staring at the ceiling fan doing its thing.
I used circular arguments
and faulty logic as reasons for her leaving.
I tossed around being ready
until I was dizzy.
Then I concluded there wasn’t even a reason.
I wiped my eyes,
hoping she’d returned,
praying God had answered my prayers
that she’d rest on her half of the bed.
I turn, placing my hand
on the cold sheets.
I rose upright and slid
my feet into my slippers.
Warmth replaced the brisk
tension in my chest;
my mind was chasing the tail
of my regretful ambitions.
I moved down the hallway
and entered the living room.
Hannah stood, tears spread across her
cheeks with her arms folded
and her weight shifted to her back foot.
“I changed my mind,” I said, motioning.
“You mean it?” She brushed away tears, cracking a smile. “You mean it?”
“I do,” I said.

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