Ten Seconds Off

It’s been three weeks, two days
seven minutes and twenty-four seconds
since she said goodbye.
I’m rehashing everything I’d rehearse
if she’d give me one more chance
to say that I promise I’ll stay.
“Thirty-four,” a voice says.
I spun around. “Lacey?”
“Ten seconds,” she says. “I left thirty-four seconds
after I swung my hand across your face.”
The corners of my eyes crinkle. “How’d you get in?”
Lacey raises and then lowers her arms. “Like your heart, you left the door unlocked.” She gave me a seductive wink and a cocky smile.
“Staying?” I fold my arms and shift my weight to my back foot.
“Only if you’re not leaving.”
We embrace, shed clothes, and explore each other’s bodies near the fireplace, where crackling flames ignite our passion.

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(© 2023 AC)

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