Crawling Back First-Class

You arrived undercover,
from a first-class flight,
of darkness, seeing me
with someone who wasn’t you,
you threatened to strangle
the lies from the frozen lake
that is my heart.

But we both know you
can’t control your temper.
So I called the cops,
I’m sure they’d love
to know you’ve got
that year-old warrant,
just in case you
punched my face,
asking me who
this chick was
in our bed.

But you’re the one
who missed a flight
home while she slept
in our bed.
It’s not our fault
you didn’t call.

You said you weren’t
coming home, now sleep
in the bed you made.
You might want to
wash the sheets.

Twitter – @AC0040

(© 2023 AC)

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