Connected: Wed To Infinity

Outside, a haze hovered near the ground, stirring the shallowness that hovered over my sensitivities. I was sitting at my desk over coffee, typing letters to anyone who would receive the inarticulate words with sappy tears and a salty grin. A notification buzzed on my phone, startling me back to the present, a place I’d missed for far too long. I took a sip of coffee as I unlocked my phone—another message from a cheesy dating app. I had to laugh. I opened the message, hoping to block the woman, but then I studied her profile picture, and whatever she’d meant to say turned into a missed call. The woman’s name rhymed with candy, and I wanted to eat her alive. Her long, brown hair spiraled below her shoulders, her eyes were hungry for a lover, and a serene smile to die for leaped off the page and into my life. After long, self-deprecating conversations and overexplaining myself, the only image of me left was her and me. I pecked away at the keyboard, writing letters of the invitation kind.

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