Goodbye Mistakes

If she had told me the truth,
I’d have traced the clues.
The lies distinguish themselves
from her smokey eyes, making it
hard to believe a goddamn word
that she says under her breath.
I exhale a stoic, esoteric catalyst.
Her eyes shot daggers of random terror.
Goodbye danced on my tongue,
repeating itself in an echo chamber
that’s been mine to define.
I reshuffle life’s chapters,
decisions that are mine to make.
My mistakes are mine to erase.
I find solace in closing my eyes;
seeing nothing but darkness
grounds me in a graveyard of regret.
My eyes open to a clear view of her
cupping my face,
drawing a tear to her lips
and a smile in her eyes.

Twitter – @AC0040

(© 2023 AC)

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