Bi Mary

“Tell me the truth,” Mary said, shifting her weight to her back foot, arms folded. “And we could work through it.”
“You sure you wanna hear the—”
“Now!” Mary said, crinkling the corner of her eyes.
“I cheated on you.” I swallowed hard, waiting for her hand to swing across my face.
Mary doubled over and laughed in disgust, shaking her head in misplaced trust. “Get your shit and get the fuck out.”
“But…but you told me we could work through anything!”
“I lied,” she said as she piled my clothes in a barrel, burning the memories we shared.
I’ll never tell the truth again—to anyone.
“I was out last night,” Mary said.
“Working?” I said as though I’d remembered her birthday.
“You that gullible?” She arched a devious brow.
I shook my head. “You didn’t.”
“Oh, but I did.”
“You slept with Shawn?”
“Oh, heavens no.”
“My sister, Lori. That Lori?”
“That Lori.” She gave me a wide smile.
My mouth hung open, not closing, as Mary drove away with my sister.

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