Erase The Tape

I bit my lip and closed my eyes
with the hope of missing
her face.
A lost clip edited by us
making love to Jodeci had me
searching my mind.
I took a quick sip of a warm coffee.
Damn, the tape isn’t there!
No, no, no! I hunted,
flipping the mattress on the bed
that we’d lost our virginity on
to curb her depression
late last December.
A framed counter picture
I hold, owlishly, blinking.
Bubbles form in my larynx.
I imbibe double over and spit,
coffee and warm stomach fluid
hit the carpet like a blanket
slapping the floor
Oh, fuck!
She’s pregnant
“Surprise!” Angie sets her keys on the table.
“Care to explain what’s on this tape?”
“It’s exactly what it looks like.”
“Let’s make a better one.” Angie winked.

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(© 2022 AC)

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