Memories Unwritten

(Published at The Writers Club)

We’d met at a cafe over coffee.
I swallowed spit, stuttering over my words,
and loosened my tie.
A rose bore its red petals on the marble table.
Ana’s wide, serene smile calmed my nerves.
One year after then, we finished each other’s sentences.
Ana’s wedding dress slayed men’s hearts of lust.
A cross to bear is the misery of trust,
which I can’t request patience in good faith.
Insecurity had led me to believe
that romance had passed by me
alone among my groups of acquaintances.
What a lie the devil hung over my head!
Life’s blank pages pose memories for the taking.

(© 2022 AC)

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2 thoughts on “Memories Unwritten

  1. Dude, Andrew….that final line is GOLD! What a lovely poem. I especially enjoyed the vulnerability in the line, “A cross to bear is the misery of trust”. What a brutally honest statement in regard to love.

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