The Wedding Is Cancelled

From downstairs,
I tussled with the clarity
of movement in the bedroom.
I crept up the stairs,
holding the rail.

Moans caught my ear’s attention
as I squinted through my tired eyes.
My downcast eyes sting
with the essence of her lips
locked with another man.
Pushing through the door
to see her on the floor;
embraced in the body
of another suitor.

I greeted him before
at the church that we’d attended.
He was the pastor,
counseling us before
our wedding.

An engagement ring
removed from her hand
as though she’d forgotten
about the life we built
in the evergreen state.

My pistol was within reach.
A jury would give me life
for killing a pastor.
But he’d already shot a bullet
in the future that we’d planned.
Anger for her, I don’t have.
I told them to dress and leave.

Go somewhere. Go anywhere but here.
The pastor scurried to gather his clothes,
telling me everyone sins.
Sinning, yeah.
But this derailed my future.
A sin that sorry won’t fix.
I should know,
I slept with your sister.

(© 2022 AC)

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