Pseudo Suitor

Lightning in a darkened lodge;
fine until the paleness hits her psyche.
Her sweet skin glistened,
seducing me through the gaze of a suitor.
Adorned in a white dress,
that touched her ankles,
she calls me out at a party
that I’d attended last minute.
Embracing her body
wasn’t on my evening list,
and now I can’t
get her sweaty sex off my mind.
Her lips, the way her hips
moved in the contour of the furnace,
shimmering intensity.
It wasn’t supposed to happen;
none of this was supposed to happen.
Far be it from me to press my foot
on the gas and recklessly fall in
love with a woman I didn’t even know;
a woman I couldn’t believe took me home.
What would her parents think of me?
I fretted about that kind of thing
as she stared down at me, clenching my
hands, moaning with eye rolls to
a capstone that I’ll never match.
And now, she won’t let me go home.

(© 2022 AC)

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