Altruistic Love Song

I adjust my collar and clear my throat,
bearing flowers at her door to date.
We dine over wine
laced with bashful banter.
I’m timid in November;
taken aback by the autumn chill.
A natural radiant expression
washed over her face as she spoke
of skinny dipping early last December.
I followed her words and traced her lips
like smoke rings appeared once and for all.
Like handprints drenched in cement,
she drowns my thoughts
until what’s left is permanent.
In the deafness of my fear,
the unforgiving temptation of falling in love
argues with my self-esteem,
crawling over broken glass piercing
my altruism with a kiss,
tearing down my walls,
to what’s of her and me
rests inked in a love song.

(© 2022 AC)
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