Holiday Date

It was two days until Christmas, and Ben didn’t have a date to entertain his mother’s view of happiness for him. Ben felt love had passed by him alone among his group of friends. After ending his relationship with Angie two years ago, Ben reconnected with himself and found happiness in being alone. But for Christmas, Ben would find a date, or visiting his folks was out of the question. He wasn’t looking for love, so he viewed an escort site to find a date. He scrolled until he found the least attractive woman, Leah. They agreed on the payment. They arranged a meeting at a cafe. Leah confessed she had fallen on tough times and didn’t have a place to stay. Ben couldn’t bear the thought of visiting his parents without a date, so he offered Leah the couch for the night. A snowstorm cuts the power, and sparks fly. They warmed each other through the chilly night, clarifying that it was strictly business.
The well-dressed faux couple headed to his parent’s house. But will his overprotective mother approve of Leah?

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