Scarier than a Horror Flick


I was eye candy in a basket
that she overlooked when she
passed by me alone among
our group of friends.
From a distance,
my distance,
this distance,
I inhaled the pheromones
that her body shed,
tempting me with sinful skin,
salivating over a trick or a treat,
baptizing my body
with a sprinkle of her southern draw,
lip dragging along my neck.
Inertia trails through my veins
before the gunshot wedding,
she’d planned while I slept
on the horror of falling in love.
She picked everything for a wedding
for which I’d agreed;
everything for which I’d paid.
The ocean filled her blue eyes
with possibilities endless and
a tempestuous breeze
tugged a smile
at the corner of her mouth.
Anything for which I’d pay.
A treat forever veiled in a kiss
scares me to death.

(© 2022 AC)

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