Trick Or Treat? 

Pumpkins carved with candles
paved the way to her porch.
A skeleton rattling in the window
left me in a fragile state.
Blood rushed through my veins,
not because of the scary movie,
but there’s nothing more awkward
than sitting here with her,
wearing nothing at all;
watching Friday the 13th.
Fuck the fireplace;
her eyes are flames,
warming my skin.
A trick and a treat
hover above my life.
She straddles me,
bringing her mouth to my neck,
breathing, kissing,
dragging her lips across my cheek
my body paralyzes with trembles.
I’m sinking into her web again.
A fucking trick!

(© 2022 AC)

(WattpadAmazon KindleSpillwords!)

(© 2022 AC)

(WattpadAmazon KindleSpillwords!)

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