Trick and Treat

I sat over a cappuccino at a cafe,
waiting for a first date.
Apprehension sent tremors to my fingers,
drumming along the table.
I casually watched others
engaging in small talk.
I’d tossed around things to say
until my brain second-guessed me.
Downloading a dating app, so it isn’t me.
But desperate times call for throwing
pride out the window.
I lifted my gaze, eyeing a lustful figure.
She pushed through the door,
shaking snowflakes
from her auburn hair.
As she scanned the busy shop,
I choked back a lump in my throat.
Her eyes met mine;
she tucked her long, red bangs
behind her ear
and approached me
with a confident smile.
And now I’m in love.
The trick is on me,
but she tastes like a treat.

(© 2022 AC)

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