Weakened Antihero

She loses her cool as if a rock tossed
at a glass house, splitting the suspense
of napalm skies, arriving as an antihero
with unannounced baggage.
She’s an insatiable lover —
starving innocent men of dreams
who hoped she’d drop her facade in bedsheets.
Smoke billows through her flared nostrils,
itching for a fight.
Embers hover under her eyeliner.
When she slips through the door,
calmness cascades in waves of dopamine,
resting on the hillside.
The only guy she couldn’t change would be me.
Now love cracks her heart.
I captured her tongue-tied whispers, worshipping me,
intrigued that she couldn’t change me;
she resonates with me, losing all her strength.

(© 2022 AC)

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