Departed in October

I wipe a sleepless night from my eyes,
adjusting to a fine view,
caressing the warmth
of an October morning.
It was when you departed
before I had the tenacity
to write you off — for good.

The coward that I am speaks evil,
evil of me, of me in tiny voices.
Be at ease; I won’t forget,
forget, forget not to forget.
What you loved, I can’t believe.
What you remember,
I remember differently.

Plug your ears;
my thoughts are too impolite to spill
over your casket.
The you I hated to see
cast her aimless gaze upon my
dark skin saturated in
all that you hate about me.
In me, you don’t see me;
in me, you see him.

In me, you see my father.
I suffer a woman’s wrath
for the fate of another man.
Your eyes cast a foggy glare,
talking down to me.

Good enough, I’ll never be.
Where you’re going,
I hope you’re happy, anyway.

(© 2022 AC)

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