Scarier Than Night Terrors

Her skeletons cluttered my closet.
I’m buried in her lust;
tripping over trust,
lost in seclusion, rattled by
lucid confusion in a photo
of her standing next to him.

I’m fighting her demons while she’s
making love to someone else.
My strength withered in technicolor
to a heart torn asunder.

The bags under my eyes beg for sleep
through sleepless nights,
counting sheep asleep to night terrors.

What I never meant to say keeps
me awake.
Saying what I wanted to say,
what I should have said
shout in disbelief through
tears spreading my cheeks.
Jumping off a bridge for attention won’t guarantee she’ll agree
to be with me.

What she wanted was the only thing
that scared me to death to say;
scared to death to admit,
admit that if you’re listening,
I love you.

(© 2022 AC)

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