Greener Side of October

You kissed him,
lusting after me,
holding you.
But over a beer in Carolina,
you told me it was over.

The grass had tall weeds,
and the sun beat down
on the side of another lover,
the side you craved to leave.
I hope he satisfies you.
I’m not trailing your dreams
to misery’s gates
and back, not this time.
I’m sinking, drinking a bottle of regret.

Should you return,
the light will be off; the electric bill
unpaid, the car repossessed,
and the dreams of growing old faded.
I’m dying of a broken heart.
It crept up like Halloween on Christmas Eve.

The time I’ve got left is up for grabs.
Beating on the door startles me to my feet.
I raked my fingers through my long, dark hair.
My eyes adjust to her telling me to:
“Let me in, dumbass.” She smiled through genuine tears.

I let her in again.
The woman believed
she’d be happier with another man
only to realize she wanted
the man she had left.

(© 2022 AC)

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