Trick or Love?

October changed my life over a coffee date.
Couples chatted, students studied;
we cared who saw us with the weight
of a grain of salt.
The soft talk, engaging confessions,
and pedantic banter drummed along with
the hum she sang the love song the radio played
in my heart.
Breaking eye contact for seconds to reunite
for another round of examining
the window of the other’s soul,
savoring the cup to its savory end.
We established a second date
before the first came to its conclusion.
We crunched leaves, leaving the coffee
Her apartment wasn’t as far
as my heart was from the steering wheel.
Our hands studied the other’s body,
pushing our way into her apartment.
We ended up in her room,
making love by the fireplace.
The following day she asked
if I wanted coffee.
I smiled.

(© 2022 AC)

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