Dropped My Heart

Reasons to stay, you say, escape your memory
under the weather in September.
But I remember the promises we made.
Forever and a day, we’d remain connected.
Wild vibes loosen my heart’s stitches.
Insecurity deviously hides behind your dilated pupils,
dividing scar tissue,
bursting blood vessels into a shadow of a lovesick surgery.
They say we’re in over our heads,
but I only want to hold you
without the chatter of people sporting deadpanned stares.
Don’t mind them;
jealousy blurred their vision;
I guess they’ll never learn.
I’ve never begged you to remain
the person you’ve become;
a person I no longer recognize
sleeps beside me as I stare at the ceiling,
studying what we used to be;
I needed the answers for a biology test.
The class you helped me pass.
The class in which we fell in love.
If only we could go back to the day
I bumped into you, helping you gather the
books you’d dropped like a clueless
dingbat with your head buried in her phone.
I twisted around, bumping into you, dropping
your self-help books.
Reasons to stay returned.
And the red flags disappeared.

(© 2022 AC)

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