Nirvana Love

As morning crawled above the horizon,
the autumn rays snuck through the shades
and widened the door’s length with light.
Waking up with the aftertaste of your love,
I traced my thoughts back through last night.
It’s not like I was looking to fall into the arms of a random lover.
But I did.
I always did.
I peeked beneath the sheets.
Her red lipstick remains on my sexual organ.
That was awkward.
Too bad I only remember pieces of what happened.
Or worse,
maybe I don’t want to remember
the 1995 forest green Nirvana thin sweatshirt.
What need had I for Nirvana?
I throw the covers off my body,
and she strolls out of the steamy bathroom
with damp hair wrapped in a green towel.
She asked if I remembered her. I said I didn’t.
She said it’s a shame because
she’s everything I’ve been looking for.
She asked if I liked Nirvana, too.
I said they’re my favorite band.

(© 2022 AC)

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