Autumn Engagement

The weather is close to September,
and fun in the sun retreats behind
the romance of autumn love.
The layers of golden brown leaves
crunch under each step.
And a dark, thin jacket
brings out the beauty in her cheekbones.
I waited at a terminal, gifts in hand.
Planes arrived and left without a care
for who she was.
It’s been two hours, but I’m still here,
eager to see her sheepish grin.
I sat on a bench, my gaze downcast.
Maybe it was over.
Maybe she didn’t have it in her to break it off.
“Why the long face?” a voice I knew to be Hannah said.
“I wasn’t sure if you were—”
“Going to Carolina and back to Washington is getting old.”
“So it’s over?”
“No, because you’re going to marry me.”
Hannah lifted her hand like a princess,
expecting me to kiss her hand. “Picked it out myself.”
“Aren’t I supposed to pay for the ring?”
“Who said I paid for it?” Hannah shot me a devious wink.

(© 2022 AC)

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