We Meet Again

Your regrets will haunt you
In me, you saw the best
conversation you’ve ever had.
I dare you to search either coast
for a guy who’s got more to say;
more to tell you about the person I
know you to be.
Broken love fell between our fingers like grains of sand.
The rearview mirror concocts
a contorted plan with picturesque intentions.
It’s only a coincidence that he looks like me
from afar.
Fuck your disconnected phone.
You changed your number because I called
one hundred times in an hour; it’s not like
I’m a stalker.
I just had a lot to say.
The change is in me.
I vacationed over our memories,
but I got a case of seasickness;
you say it’s all in my head.
One moonlit night, by luck or chance,
we met at the park we fell in love.
It’s hard to say sorry for something I didn’t do.
I did it anyway, though.
Whatever she said, I did, I did.
And whatever she wanted me to do in bed, I did.

(© 2022 AC)

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