Stolen Love

The person you see sitting beside you isn’t me;
he hasn’t been for some time.
My rollicking sense of humor
mellows your anxiety through belly laughs.
The reddening of your cheeks goes unnoticed no more.
I blink back drops of indecision in private,
hoping I remain unnoticed no more.
The bleakness in our eyes faded to a passionate kiss.
I crossed wires with your flirtatious grin,
which stitched a smile on my face.
The consequence of selflessness, in reality,
is a sad song that brightens a
halo above her head.
I shook insecurity off,
sucking me into a world I’d tried to avoid,
burying lovelessness in a shallow grave.
What’s left to say?
I’m in love with you.

(© 2022 AC)

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