Chaotic is Normal

You found me lost in your green oval eyes.
I caught your heart red-handed just as I was
I never promised I’d get over it.
I miss falling asleep to your voice;
you’d trail off into the deepest parts
of your destitute heart.
Broken down and hitchhiking over your missed calls,
like avoiding potholes on dark roads.
When your nerves boil my blood,
I pass through the shadowy valleys of forgiveness.
This cold cup of cheap regrets keeps me from nodding out.
The moisture in your warm lips pressed against mine
fluttered my heart
like shots in the dark.
My self-worth hangs from a noose
that you hold to my head like a gun with loaded insecurity.
We’re softly kissing.
We embrace the peace between us as no sound surrounds us.

(© 2022 AC)

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