Criminal Bride

“Let’s not forget how this began,” Ben said with a reminiscent inflection. The mirror bore his reflection, guiding his fingers to fix his black tie over his white dress shirt. “This whole you and me thing. I mean, can you believe—”

“Here we go again,” Mary said with an arrogant grin and a sarcastic wink. “Still haven’t gotten over that?” she said, bearing a droopy frown. “I’ve changed a lot in ten years.”

“Can you be serious for a moment?” Ben folded his lips under his teeth, hiding a grin. “You and your friends—”

“Whoa, you mean former friends.” Mary held her hands in front of her body as though she wanted no part in hanging out with felons. “Let’s leave that in the past.”

“—broke into my house to rob me.”

“About that—” Mary stopped applying eyeliner and glanced over her shoulder—”thanks for not calling the cops and shit, dude.”

“I still could,” Ben said, giving her a devious smirk.

“The statute of limitations ended last year.” Mary covered a giggle. “Yes, I checked.”

“I’d never been more scared than that night.”

“You and me both.”

“I remember you sitting on the leather couch, biting your fingernails.”

“So I wasn’t a career criminal,” Mary said, jabbing Ben’s side with a flirtatious smile. “The guys made me come. I didn’t know we’d rob a house. I had a habit.”

“Now, I’m your habit.” Ben bit his bottom lip.

“While the guys ransacked your house—”

“I had my hands cuffed.”

“—We talked. You listened. I guess you didn’t have a choice—”

“It was the best decision I’ve ever made.” Ben studied her eyes and gave her a sultry grin. “How could something so horrifying bring the best thing that’s ever happened to me?”

“God is good.” Mary gave an unbreakable eye contact.

“How do I look?” I stuck my chest out and struck a glamour pose.

Mary snorted with laughter. “Like a groom.” Mary brushed away tears. She raised, then lowered her arms. “How do I look?” Mary posed the way Mariah Carey did on her Fantasy album.

“Like a bride.”

“Let’s do this.” I held her hand through folks sitting in the church pews and stopped at the altar. 

“I do,” Mary said.

(© 2022 AC)

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