Answered Calls Missed

“What’s wrong?” Alicia said, motioning as though her head exploded.
“If it’s about—”
“You called me forty-seven times in a weekend!” Alicia said, thrashing her fists. “Can’t you take a fucking hint?”
“For all I know, you could have died,” I said in a pathetic attempt at an empathetic tone.
“Yeah.” Alicia gave me a sarcastic eye roll. “I’ve been sleeping our memories away.”
“Whether I say I miss you now or never, it won’t shake the quiver in your lips.” I grinned. “You got to give it to me—”
“I don’t have to give you shit.” Alicia’s narrow eyes turned to crinkled slits.
“The last time we broke up, I called you fifty times in one day.”
Alicia folded her lips under her teeth, hiding a grin. “You’re unbearable.” Alicia raked her fingers through her long, auburn hair that spiraled to the small of her back. “What makes you stop at forty times?” Alicia folded her arms, giving me an engaging glance through red eyes.
“I’m not giving up, not this time.”
“It’s too bad.”
“I would have returned your call after fifty.” Alicia gave me a cocky wink and a sultry grin. “You made me feel wanted. I love being wanted.”

(© 2022 AC)

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