Wet Attraction

“I never got wet with you,” Kara said, blinking back tears.
“Hear me out,” I told Kara in an animated tone, standing on her porch after dark in a downpour.
“Is this the part where I’m supposed to have sympathy?” Kara said through a sarcastic grin, crossing her arms and shifting her weight to her back foot.
“I wasn’t ready for a—”
“But you are now?” Kara balled, then balled her fists. “Let me guess — you’re ready for a relationship now?”
I lowered my gaze then returned to maintain an unbreakable eye contact, daring her to break first. “I love you. Isn’t that what you wanted to—”
“You’ve got some nerve.” Kara brushed tears and gave a disgusted chuckle.
“Going to let me in?” I said in a repentant voice.
“Why should I do that?”
“I’m drenched.”
“Because I’m wet.” Kara bit her bottom lip, giving me a come-hither finger pull. I came. She came. I knew this was a bad idea.

(© 2022 AC)

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